What We Do.

Computer forensics to document productions and everything in between.

vdiscovery is the partner you need to cover your clients’ technology needs in document discovery and beyond. Rely on us to complement your expertise and expand your reach.

Consulting Services

vdiscovery knows the importance of understanding costs and options early, since these can be factors in discovery motion practice. Our consultants are able to outline discovery strategies and options that both save money and increase efficiency, and will price out hypotheticals as needed to assist your case team at any phase. And our depth of technical expertise and best-in-breed software options will lend confidence that you have turned over every stone to determine the common sense approach to your client and matter.

We offer consultation on all facets of discovery, from preservation and document request/response strategies, to eDiscovery motions, meet-and-confer, forensics, ECA, culling, review strategy, and production.

Data Forensics and Preservation

Our EnCase-certified forensic experts will help you assess, identify, preserve, investigate, and review the data according to the demands of your matter.  As a third-party expert, vdiscovery reduces your clients’ risk of spoliation or preservation misstep by presenting the defensible options, advising on the market and legal standards, and we are always guided by the decisions of the legal team and client.  We also provide affidavits and testify to defensibility, as needed.

vdiscovery can collect and preserve data from a wide variety of sources, including but not limited to: Servers, Exchange/Email Servers, Desktops/Workstations, Laptops, Apple & Android Devices (and the apps and messaging stored on them), Mobile phones, Cloud Services (Office 365, iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and many others), Backup Tapes, Cloud and device based IoT (Internet of Things), Databases of all kinds.

Forensic capabilities:

  • On-site, remote, and in-lab collection
  • Consultation on and monitoring of client self-collection
  • Snapshot mirroring of database environments for in situ review of proprietary databases
  • Bit-for-bit or logical imaging
  • Investigation of deleted space and internet activity
  • Consultation on targeted collection to reduce review and production costs
  • Defensible chain of custody processes and procedures
  • Best practices to prevent alteration or destruction of documents during collection

We have even developed software to collect and review unstructured data and sources that do not readily lend to export and review.

Data Culling and Processing

vdiscovery will quickly index your data from any source. Our flexible culling approach scales depending on the needs of your case. From providing reporting on all file types and folders, to applying filters and keyword searching, to early case assessment by your team using advanced analytics and TAR, as appropriate.

Key Capabilities:

  • Proprietary “Very” Early Case Assessment (VECA) for review and culling directly from EnCase image
  • “Instant” document review access within the same secure Relativity environment and facility
  • High capacity, high speed, Relativity processing in super secure Manhattan co-located facility
  • Early case assessment for direct learning and early coding by attorneys and/or clients in Relativity with powerful visual analytics and TAR
  • Support most known file formats (and develop processing software for others)
  • Unicode compliant to support searching most languages

Hosting and Review

vdiscovery has been a Premium Relativity Hosting Partner since 2009 with numerous certifications earned for our Administrators, Technical, and Sales Professionals, including “Best in Service” for 2016 and 2017. In addition to our certifications, vdiscovery is recognized as a Relativity development partner within the Relativity ecosystem for our best-in-breed development on Relativity’s API, our BatchGuru toolkit.

Our team of expert project managers will work throughout your review to customize and optimize your results and experience. vdiscovery’s data storage facilities maintain the highest level of security to ensure that your data is safeguarded and accessible at all times.

Hosting Security:

  • SSAE16, HIPAA, SOC & PCI compliant
  • 24x7x365 physical support & security on-site
  • Three week generator backup (proven with uninterrupted service during Hurricane Sandy)
  • State of the art fire suppression
  • Multiple layers of hardened physical security & electronically controlled access
  • CCTV surveillance with digital storage

Document Production

vdiscovery can produce documents in the standard electronic deliverable formats, or in other export formats as determined by client. Our full range of electronic paper services mean we can output to PDF, or even paper binders, on demand, 24/7.

vdiscovery’s Quality Control is the best in the industry. Our proprietary automated QC is combined with manual checks for document counts and tag conflicts to ensure a perfect, conforming deliverable every time. We can even create alerts and visual analytics to prevent conflict coding. And your push button Privilege Log can be completed in minutes from existing metadata.

Production Services:

  • Standard Native Production
  • Searchable and non-searchable PDF Production
  • TIFF Production
  • Delivery via Sharefile
  • Hybrid Production
  • Paper Production
  • Custom Load File Creation

Paper Discovery Services

While electronic documents make up the bulk of today’s business information, vdiscovery has not forgotten its roots. For over 40 years, we have served Am Law 200 and Fortune 500 companies with our spot-on, in-house paper services. vdiscovery offers 24/7 paper discovery services that are fully scalable to handle projects of any size. We provide fast and accurate scanning, photocopying, printing, and file preparation from all files. B&W, color, trial exhibits, multiple binding options, and over 50,000 assorted house tabs allow you to get exactly what you want.

Document Photocopying

• High-speed, high-volume duplication of paper documents
• B&W and color printing
• Oversized format up to 48″ wide in B&W or color
• Trial exhibit preparation
• Exhibit page/doc. labeling

Document Scanning

• Bookmarking from index to tab
• Electronic endorsing
• Optical character recognition (OCR)
• Database scanning support
• Document and coding services for optimal paper review
• Web-accessed document repository

Printing Electronic Documents to Paper

• Custom file formatting
• Separation of B&W from color files
• Native file printing
• Witness kit preparation & deposition binders
• Assembly of your product, including tab insertion, color migration, 3-hole punching, slip-sheets, and custom labels

Additional Services – Paper

• Trial board creation
• Multiple binding types available: GBC, VeloBind, Wire-O, perfect binding, coil binding, tape binding, and Acco binding
• Huge onsite inventory of Redweld files, plain folders, binders, tabs, and envelopes
• Over 50,000 assorted house tabs
• Typesetting and label-printing/ die-cut custom tabs
• Creation of binder covers and spines

Custom Solutions

vdiscovery develops proprietary tools and quality-control integrations that offer intelligent solutions at all phases of discovery and beyond.

Trialprep Manager

Trailprep Manager is built directly into online review application Relativity, provides a simple solution for speedy pdf management. Native files and searchable PDFs are seamlessly integrated and available for download – without requiring users to leave the Relativity work space in order to access finalized document. Easy customization allows grouping of selected documents, docket creation, and native file production.

Data Parsing

  • Bloomberg
  • Smarsh
  • Wikis
  • Novel Formats

Integration Helper

Integration Helper is an enhancement to Integration Points which provides a seamless solution for data transfers. Integration Helper releves various obstacles of Integration Points such as, enabling data transfers between work spaces based on different templates and with different field names without the need to manually match fields.


  • Map predefined fields based on established list of relevant fields
  • Catalog field groups in order to keep track of field name variations in different workspaces
  • Eliminate manual work saving time in getting to the review process

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