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VECA, vdiscovery’s powerful early case assessment tool, allows our clients to quickly gain key insights into their data, collect and review from disparate sources such as mobile phones, forensic images from applications such as EnCase, or business tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, and reduce costs and data volumes.

VECA’s proprietary technology and seamless integration with the Relativity platform normalizes message formats across your entire data set, enabling file deduplication, the searching and the filtering of document text and metadata, data visualizations, and conversion to Relativity’s RSMF format for review.

Consultation to Production and Everything in Between

Data Culling & Processing

vdiscovery uses early case assessment tools to rapidly identify and streamline large categories of documents. Because we process and host locally, we can immediately load your data for review.

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Document Production

vdiscovery staff prepares documents in their required formats and uses QC methods and tools to ensure it’s completed on time, defensibly and to client specifications.

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Consulting Services

Our ediscovery consultants are highly trained to offer strategies that save money and increase efficiency. Advanced technologies, best practices, and a common sense approach.

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Hosting & Review

vdiscovery is a Best in Service Relativity Partner. Our data centers maintain the highest level of security to ensure your data is safeguarded and accessible.

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Data Forensics & Preservation

We adhere to strict protocols to ensure evidence defensibility. Our experienced ediscovery team includes EnCase-certified (EnCE) experts.

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Paper Discovery

We’ve handled paper discovery since 1973! Fast & accurate: Scanning, photocopying, printing, and file preparation from all files.

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BatchGuru is an acclaimed software set developed by vdiscovery to extend Relativity’s functionality. These proprietary tools bring consistency and ease of use that can be shared by your whole team, from tech-savvy analysts to busy attorneys.

BatchGuru is infinitely customizable and works seamlessly in your hosted Relativity environment. Work smart, not hard: BatchGuru’s secure and scalable architecture enable you to cut through the fat of even the most complex document review.

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