Accelerate Your ediscovery Efforts e-Book

8 Ways to Speed Up Review with Text Analytics



This e-Book explains the main ways vdiscovery and Relativity analytics work to speed up your review and accelerate your electronic discovery efforts.


Download this e-Book to learn how to:

  • Tie the conversation together with email threading
  • Review near-duplicate documents at the same time
  • Quickly batch foreign language documents to the right reviewers
  • Uncover conceptually similar documents
  • Prioritize your review with document clusters

Learn 8 ways to speed up your ediscovery review with text analytics. Download the e-Book today.

vdiscovery's TAR services enable clients to:

Review millions of documents at lightening pace
Surpass limits of Boolean-based searches
Leverage machine learning
Surface relevant analytics in minutes
Create portable models for diverse investigations
Use visualization tools to expand discovery approach
Boost relevant data to the top of list quickly & effortlessly
Reduce overall costs of ediscovery
Increase case defensibility

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