Legal AI Evolved

Privacy Focused AI Behind Our Firewall.

Relativity Integrated

Imagine the power of generative AI, seamlessly integrated into your Relativity workspace, right at your fingertips. This isn’t an external third-party add-on; this is AI running local language models within our firewall. It’s about ensuring your sensitive data stays exactly where it should – within your control, within our network.

This innovative Legal AI is meticulously designed for attorneys seeking efficiencies in review. It provides an AI experience that is local, controlled, and tailor-made for specific purposes. It features carefully tested and curated prompts, a strategic shift away from the unpredictability of freeform interactions. 

We’ve designed an AI experience that is built to enhance efficiency and to optimize your review process.

Powerful Summarization

Get summaries of Chats, Emails, Documents, Transcripts and more! We’ve integrated summarization into Relativity’s Document List View so you can gain instant insight into the content when you need it.  We have also made it exportable to excel reports that can give context to the document along with the usual metadata.

Privacy Focused

We take privacy seriously. 

Leveraging advanced technology similar to ChatGPT, vdiscovery’s AI solution operates behind our firewall. This enables attorneys to seamlessly interact with eDiscovery documents while ensuring their data never leaves our trusted network.

Unlike other solutions that risk security by sending data out to third-party services, our AI runs language models locally.  Moreover, the data sent to our AI is not stored or used for future training.

No external services, no third-party risks, just safe and efficient AI built for ediscovery.

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