In preparation for this year’s ediscovery day, we released one industry specific definition a day.

4 days until ediscovery day


November 27th, 2017: The word of the day was Electronic Discovery.

Electronic Discovery

[ih-lek-tron-ik, dih-skuv-uh-ree]

1. The process of identifying, preserving, collecting, preparing, reviewing, and producing electronically stored information in the context of a legal or investigative process



3 days to go


November 28th, 2017: The word of the day was Deduplication.



1. The process of comparing the characteristics of electronic documents to identify and/or remove duplicate records to reduce review time and increase coding consistency


2 days left


November 29th, 2017: The word of the day was Analytics.



1. The term used to refer to the various technologies used to provide multiple views into the data set


One more day!


November 30th, 2017: The word of the day was Spoliation.


[spoh-lee-ey-shuh n]

1. The destruction of data that might be relevant to a legal matter


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