(New York, NY) During the 2015 Innovation Awards at Relativity Fest, vdiscovery  was recognized for their latest app for iPhone/iPad, Remote Admin. for Relativity. This app allows users to perform basic user management on their mobile device. This includes high risk actions such as adding/managing users, security groups, and work spaces in Relativity, all safely and securely.

Developed by litigation support industry expert, Nikolai Pozdniakov, this remote management tool allows access to the Relativity platform. With this tool, the user has remote access from any location where there isn’t a computer connection. He developed the app specifically to fill a gap in Relativity’s functionality. The Remote Admin app gives users incredible freedom and mobility.

The Relativity Innovation Awards, is an annual ceremony that celebrates and showcases the best custom solutions. These solutions are built on kCura’s document-hosting platform, Relativity.

Additionally, Relativity recently added vdiscovery as 1 of only 25 Ecosystem Development partners on its website. vdiscovery was added for the BatchGuru suite of 15 review and administrative tools that make complicated ediscovery more manageable. Relativity deems these partners “Best in Breed.”


About vdiscovery

vdiscovery is a leader in data management solutions, electronic discovery, digital forensics, and litigation consulting. With over 40 years of success in providing attorneys and their litigation support staff superior assistance for their document and ediscovery need, we help clients 24 hours, every day. As electronic document collections grow and regulations change, we continue to customize practical and effective solutions, drawing on the deep expert knowledge of our team.

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