We sent a few members of our team to Relativity Fest 2017. Once they returned, we prompted them with two questions:

Here were their thoughts:

Nikolai Pozndiakov

EDD Production Manager

My favorite part of Relativity Fest was geeking out on technical details that relate to Relativity processing and SQL databases. I also really enjoyed catching up with the litigation support community and discussing current trends in ediscovery.

Christina Barro

Account Liaison

I have two favorite memories of fest. The first would be being at our booth and meeting so many people. It was really great talking to people. One thing that stood out was how many people can really benefit from the tools vdiscovery has to offer. One paralegal even said “It’s like you guys actually listened to us and created something that will benefit me on a daily basis.”

We have always been really proud of the services we provide, but hearing someone face to face get just as excited as I get was an awesome experience. My second favorite memory would have to be the #WarheadChallenge! Fest can be overwhelming with so much learning and networking, the #WarheadChallenge was a nice break to play a fun game with everyone at Fest and build up my tolerance for sour things. Next year I will redeem myself and maybe even win one time.

Michael Wright

General Manager

I’m very intrigued about the addition of continuous active learning to Relativity Analytics. I think this along with the rest of the Relativity tool set will take vdiscovery’s Assisted Review offering to the next level.

Jared Harary, Esq.

Executive Director of Discovery Services

The Best of Fest, for me, was the opportunity to meet so many folks who come to ediscovery from different ends.  The variety of perspectives was illuminating.  Relatedly, the Creative Cost Control panel was one of my favorite sessions, as it included top ediscovery folks from Microsoft, Uber, banks, vendors and law firms.  Hearing the in-house perspective from some of the most highly visible and litigation-prone companies was memorable.  One point I had not often considered was on the importance of preserving knowledge and costs between cases.

Jennifer Hafkin, Esq.

Business Development Associate

Just as our manner and methods of communication have evolved, so has the practice of law.  Relativity Fest provided me with a fascinating and practical insight into the direction and tools necessary to properly adapt and implement the best methods of discovery as we strive to keep up with the rapidly changing current of technology.

Melissa Ruggiero

Marketing Associate

One of my favorite parts of this year’s Relativity Fest, was engaging with everyone in the Community Pavilion. We were able to easily interact with all the attendees of fest and also had to opportunity to get to know some of the other vendors that were sponsoring the event. Oh, also the Community Pavilion was always stocked with awesome snacks.


Check out the vlog documenting our full experience at Relativity Fest 2017!


Credit: Nikolai Pozdniakov




New York, NY