Technology Assisted Review (TAR) and AI for eDiscovery & Investigations

Review data more precisely and efficiently than ever.

Client data in all their forms continue to expand, along with document review, the costliest portion of discovery. The result? Budgets for legal and internal review are always exceeded long before fact discovery is complete. vdiscovery’s approach and technology change that.

AI Enhanced Review

vdiscovery tackles this problem with a layered approach that prominently features TAR and predictive coding.  vdiscovery deploys next generation TAR, using AI and Machine Learning to cut through ediscovery and all manner of internal investigation and analysis with superhuman efficiency.  vdiscovery’s TAR services enable clients to: 


  • Review Millions of documents at lightning pace
  • Surpass limits of Boolean based searches
  • Leverage Machine Learning
  • Surface relevant analytics in minutes
  • Create portable models for diverse investigations
  • Use visualization tools to expand discovery approach
  • Boost relevant data to the top of list quickly & effortlessly
  • Reduce overall costs of ediscovery
  • Increase case defensibility
  • Complete document discovery on budget and confident you’ve identified your best facts

Key Features

  • Continuous Active Multi-Modal Learning:  Review with an AI that continuously adapts to your coding and rearranges your queue to show you documents most like what you are coding for.  We can even run this process directly in Relativity!
    • Portable Learning: Did you train a great model to detect a particular behavior of interest to your company or firm?  Leverage the useful model across any similar set of data, for any matter.
  • Email threading: Detect critical communications, and avoid wholly repetitive review by seeing only the most inclusive threads in an email chain.
  • Predictive coding: Perform TAR I predictive coding using rounds of review and statistical analysis of results.
  • Near-duplicate detection: Identify and remove substantively similar documents that did not meet the tight standards for “exact duplicates”.  Create “% similar” field visible in Relativity.
  • Related term detection: Discover important terms and potential code words in a data set by entering relevant known terms into the analytic engine.
  • Cluster Wheel: Detect patterns and relationships among unfamiliar document sets clustered according to their topics on a visual, clickable wheel.
  • Find similar documents: Leverage known hot documents or examples of privileged communications to quickly locate others like them.
  • Relativity Dashboards:  Use visual dashboard built in to the latest Relativity versions to learn relationships between your documents or even just their metadata.  Clickable graphs and charts and visual search interface allow easily filtering and tagging.

Use Cases

Finding relevant information quickly is key to efficient and timely action in your matters:


  • Compliance & Regulation
  • Financial Controls/Audits
  • Workplace Harassment
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Ethics
  • Corporate Governance
  • Financial Crimes
  • Data Security
  • Malfeasance
  • IP Theft

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