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VECA, vdiscovery’s powerful early case assessment tool, allows our clients to quickly gain key insights into their data, collect and review from disparate sources such as mobile phones, forensic images from applications such as EnCase, or business tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, and reduce costs and data volumes.

VECA’s proprietary technology and seamless integration with the Relativity platform normalizes message formats across your entire data set, enabling file deduplication, the searching and the filtering of document text and metadata, data visualizations, and conversion to Relativity’s RSMF format for review.


View and tag files directly in Relativity


Compatible with a wide variety of data formats



Catalog and understand all your collected data prior to processing


Use filters and visualizations to identify key documents and cull irrelevant data


VECA works behind the scenes to export EnCase file lists, create directory listings, prepare text messages and perform other supporting tasks such as metadata enrichment and text extraction while our custom Relativity application includes the views, layouts and visualizations needed to power your review.


  • Short message communications extracted from smart phones, Slack, Teams, Facebook, WhatsApp and more.
  • EnCase Images
  • Loose files stored on a hard drive or a server


  • Combines messages into easy-to-follow conversations
  • Control how to group messages into conversations
  • Metadata enrichment for comprehensive review
  • Text message translation to and from multiple languages
  • Ability to promote and produce individual messages without redacting the rest
  • Text message deduplication
  • Customized Relativity workspace tailored for text message review
  • Feel of Excel while using Relativity
  • Full audit of user activity
  • Multi-user access
  • Easy filtering
  • Ability to handle large data sets
  • Promotes only relevant messages to review in RSMF format


  • Reduce costs and data volumes by promoting only the most relevant files for review 

  • Catalog and understand all your collected data prior to processing 

  • Use data visualizations to gain deeper insights into your collection 

  • See what you have fast without needing to wait for full processing to complete

As a Relativity Best in Service Provider, and a Relativity API Ecosystem Partner, vdiscovery will support the subsequent hosted review with a combination of intelligence and white glove service that set us apart in an increasingly “big box” marketplace.

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BatchGuru is an acclaimed software set developed by vdiscovery to extend Relativity’s functionality. These proprietary tools bring consistency and ease of use that can be shared by your whole team, from tech-savvy analysts to busy attorneys.

BatchGuru is infinitely customizable and works seamlessly in your hosted Relativity environment. Work smart, not hard: BatchGuru’s secure and scalable architecture enable you to cut through the fat of even the most complex document review.

vdiscovery's complete rewrite of BatchGuru offers enhanced performance speeds for all the old tools and includes new ones as well: an updated hash generator and a DAT exporter, which automates DAT exports and allows field renaming, date and time formatting, and using the search and replace function while using the export tool.

More Features

Beg-End to List

Beg-End Attach Tool allows you to generate fields that contain Beginning Attachment Number and Ending Attachment based on Group Identifier field so you could export fully formed DAT files without using Relativity desktop client.

Time-Zone Converter

Timezone Converter will convert date/time value from one time zone to another to correct for processing error or to improve review efficiency.

Remove Email Address

Remove Email Address tool will remove email address from either sender or recipient fields to make exported reports or privilege logs looking cleaner leaving only names for ease of readability.

Native File Exporter

Native File Exporter will allow you to quickly export sets of native files as a ZIP file without using desktop client on a PC or a Mac.

Parent ID & Attach IDs

Parent to Attachment tool will take value from parent document and apply it to all family members so that reviewer can see parent document’s details when looking at the attachment.

Sort Date

Sort Date Tool will take date of the parent email and apply it to all of its attachments so you could sort families of documents chronologically.

Tag as Document or Attachment

Tag as Document or Attachment will identify which record is parent and which is child based Group Identifier so you could use filter option in a view to display only certain documents.

MD5 Hash Generator

MD5 Hash Generator allows you generate hash value based on fields you choose so you can perform customized deduplication.

Other Props

OtherProps Tool extracts one of the fields from OtherProps field created by Relativity Processing into new field so you could work with that field individually.


Created by Milyli, Blackout is an automated redaction application for Relativity that streamlines workflows, reduces review time, lowers review costs, and improves the quality of reviews.

Milyli has been working with the Relativity platform since 2008, building custom solutions for many of Relativity’s customers and using that expertise to develop innovative applications and services. Blackout allows users to automatically redact and mark up both native Excel content and image files based on criteria specified by a review team. Blackout offers the easiest, most comprehensive way to redact information in Relativity.

vdiscovery understands the importance of protecting PII, IP, and privileged information, but also knows that with more ESI to review and more data regulations, the cost and turnaround time for redaction can be a huge burden. That’s why vdiscovery offers Blackout.


Redaction Made Simple

Manual redaction is tedious, costly, and slow. Blackout identifies and automatically redacts words, phrases, and patterns – such as SSNs, emails, etc. – that you specify. Blackout also lets you configure the type of redaction (text or black box, for example) and the scope (just the word, the full page, etc.).


Project PII & Privileged Info

The risks around disclosing PII or privileged information during discovery are higher than ever, so there’s no room for error. Blackout significantly reduces the cost and turnaround time of review, but just as importantly, it reduces the risk of human error leading to accidental disclosure.


More Accurate Review

By automating the redaction process, Blackout frees up reviewers’ time for ensuring the most accurate review. Reviewers can accept, reject, or manually override Blackout’s markups right within the Relativity viewer, without interrupting their workflow.

vdiscovery & Blackout, a faster, easier way to protect sensitive information.


Client data in all their forms continue to expand, making fact development in legal and internal document reviews incredibly daunting. Moreover, review costs have proven to be the largest component expense in discovery, creating a discovery landscape where matters scarcely reach the merits before litigation budgets are well exceeded.

vdiscovery tackles this problem with a layered approach that prominently features Technology Assisted Review and predictive coding. vdiscovery is an industry leader in deploying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the next generation of TAR for ediscovery, and for all manner of internal investigations and data analysis.

Key Features

Cluster Wheel

Detect patterns and relationships among unfamiliar document sets clustered according to their topics on a visual, clickable wheel.

Email Threading

Detect critical communications, and avoid wholly repetitive review by seeing only the most inclusive threads in an email chain.

Relativity Dashboards

Use visual dashboard built in to the latest Relativity versions to learn relationships between your documents or even just their metadata. Clickable graphs and charts and visual search interface allow easily filtering and tagging.

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