Text Messages Review with vdiscovery

Two flexible solutions to match our clients needs.

vdiscovery is leading the way for text message review with customized workflows that meet and exceed the requirements of its clients. These workflows can emphasize either presentation, mimic what someone would expect to see on their phones, or allow for a “spreadsheet view” style of review for more granular access to individual text messages.

  • Remote or onsite collection using the best tools in the industry

  • Consultation with a project manager before starting your review to ensure there are no surprises down the road

  • Proprietary messages analysis to combine messages into easy-to-follow conversations

  • Metadata enrichment for comprehensive review

  • Text message translation to and from multiple languages

  • Relativity review system that can perform through massive volumes of data

  • Customized workspace tailored for text message review

  • Wide variety of production formats that comply with most strict requirements

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SMC Short Message Communications
  • Developed by vdiscovery

  • Most flexible

  • Easy to regroup conversations

  • Ability to pick out individual messages without redacting the rest

  • Wide range of production formats

  • Benefits of Excel while using Relativity

  • Look and feel of Excel

  • Full audit of activity

  • Multi-user access

  • Easy filtering

  • Data is loaded to Relativity’s metadata fields

  • Does not look like a text message on the phone

Advanced RSMF Relativity Short Message Format


  • Developed by Relativity, enhanced by vdiscovery

  • Presents messages more closely to what you would expect to see on a phone

  • Inline images and videos

  • Timeline navigation

  • Image based production

  • Improved searching capability

  • Few records in the database

  • Changes to how messages are grouped together requires RSMF files to be recreated

Hybrid Solution SMC / Advanced RSMF

vdiscovery takes pride in a wide range of solutions it offers, and text message review is no different. Often, it is difficult to decide on the exact workflow in the beginning of the case and this is where our hybrid solution has its place. If you are not sure of the requirements, start looking at your messages as our SMC workflow describes. Once you are more familiar with the content and your goals become clearer, some or all text messages can be switched to Advanced RSMF format.


  • Load messages to Relativity starting with SMC workflow to get a sense of what you have

  • Consider timespan of text messages, weeks of messages are not same as years

  • Select specific messages or date ranges of interest and bring them to RSMF format

  • Productions can be created in image-based format from RSMF file content.

Why Advanced RSMF?

Our process builds on top of existing RSMF technology developed by Relativity and takes it further though proprietary text message analysis algorithm. RSMF files can be enriched with additional metadata for more comprehensive review. Additional names analysis and group chat identification places text messages from conversations together in order for messages to make sense to review team. The need for Excel spreadsheets is eliminated.

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