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Unique Data Sources Require a Unique eDiscovery Solution

The world is changing, and so are the ways we communicate. There has been a proliferation of new ways of working and meeting. Organizations are increasingly less likely to rely on email internally, with employees instead messaging one another on Slack, meeting on Microsoft Teams, or swapping files using Google Drive. Meanwhile, an ever-increasing amount of new electronic data is created each year, with some estimating that the volume of new data created over the next three years will surpass the total amount of data created over the past 30 years.

For law firms engaged in litigation, these changes mean continually rising electronic discovery costs and make the problem of finding key evidence in ever larger and more complex data sets even more difficult. Helping you manage these challenges is why we have developed VECA, vdiscovery’s powerful early case assessment tool.

Benefits of using VECA with vdiscovery include:

  • Reduce costs and data volumes by promoting only the most relevant data for review

  • In-depth consultation before your project begins to ensure there are no surprises later

  • Remote or on-site collection using the best tools in the industry

  • Catalog and understand all your collected data prior to processing

  • Proprietary message analysis combines text messages into easy-to-follow conversations

  • Metadata enrichment and customized database tailored for text message review

  • Review data collected from Slack, Teams, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other applications


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